Kevin Durant and some of his Warriors teammates celebrated his successful return to Oklahoma City over the weekend with a dinner at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in OKC, even though they initially denied him his request to rent the place out.

According to a report, Durant was willing to shell out $35,000 to have the place all to himself with his Warriors teammates but the owner refused because he's loyal to his regular customers.

Restaurant owner Dave Osborn said, per USA Today:

“All the Thunder players come in and we don’t want them to be upset,” Osborn told USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick. “And in the long run, I think we lose business. We just wanted to stay true to our fans and our players and not book out the restaurant for one night."

Osborn also told ESPN:

"I told them, 'I apologize, but I just can't do it. I've got to stay true to the fans and the people that come in here because I do have a lot of people that come in after games,'" Osborn said.

As it turns out, Russell Westbrook himself also decided to hit up Mahogany Prime after Saturday's game and was reportedly sitting just 15 feet away from KD though neither of them said a word to each other.