Kevin Durant has been quite active on social media in recent days, mostly in response to his interview with the Wall Street Journal. During that discussion, Durant opened up about a number of issues, including Steve Kerr's motion offense, his decision to wear No. 7 with the Brooklyn Nets, how he hates the NBA sometimes, why he has no love for OKC.

In the midst of debating with Thunder fans, Warriors fans, and others who had something to say about his recent interview, Durant came across a harmless tweet that asked, "Do you like Wendy's?"

However, rule No. 1 about twitter is that you always have to keep your guard up and KD had a momentary lapse where he genuinely thought someone wanted to know his thoughts about frosties and loaded baked potatoes. 

So, he tweeted back, "I used to. Nuggets and fries with honey mustard, Jr bacon and a frosty. All for like 5 dollars. On silver hill rd." That all sounds delightful, but it also paved the way for the twitter user to land their death blow, as shown below.

KD later deleted his response, but he made sure to give the tweeter credit for pulling a fast one on him.