A few days ago ushered in the NBA free agency, as we reported on, with plenty of notable basketball players receiving crazy, million-dollar deals to stick with their city and/or switch. While we already know where some players are headed, one of the unknowns (and most anticipated) was Kevin Durant. After taking meetings with Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Clippers, Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat, word has finally arrived as to where Durant will land this season.

Durant has decided to go with the Golden State Warriors, leaving behind Oklahoma City. He wrote about the decision in an open letter on the Player's Tribune, earlier today.

He wrote, 

I’m from Washington, D.C. originally, but Oklahoma City truly raised me. It taught me so much about family as well as what it means to be a man. There are no words to express what the organization and the community mean to me, and what they will represent in my life and in my heart forever. The memories and friendships are something that go far beyond the game. Those invaluable relationships are what made this deliberation so challenging.

It really pains me to know that I will disappoint so many people with this choice, but I believe I am doing what I feel is the right thing at this point in my life and my playing career.

I will miss Oklahoma City, and the role I have had in building this remarkable team. I will forever cherish the relationships within the organization — the friends and teammates that I went to war with on the court for nine years, and all the fans and people of the community. They have always had my back unconditionally, and I cannot be more grateful for what they have meant to my family and to me.

Sound off in the comments. It's worth noting that Lil B has lifted the curse he put on KD, welcoming him home.