According to Kendrick Perkins, Russell Westbrook & Kevin Durant are back on talking terms. During Monday night's segment of Area 21 with Kevin Garnett on TNT, the Pelicans forward spilled the news that they two superstars are back on talking terms and it apparently happened after Russ broke the Oscar Robertson triple double record last month on April 10th.

Perkins said he had been in talks with KD and he mentioned that he had a good conversation with Russ the night of his triple-double record breaking game, but no one from the media knows about it... until now of course.

“He [Durant] sent me a text and said ‘Hey man, me and Russ had a nice conversation yesterday.” Perkins says. “But the media dont even know nothing ‘bout it, but I just let it be known that they back on talking terms.”

In addition to that, Perkins also said he wouldn't be surprised if KD went back to Oklahoma, while believing Russ will stay in OKC next year.

Watch Perkins spill the news in the clip (below).