Down 1-0 in the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors need to come away with a big win against the Toronto Raptors last night. That's exactly what they did as they pulled off a 109-104 victory on the road that helped tie the series up. Warriors guard Klay Thompson had a team-high 25 points in the win although he eventually went down with a hamstring injury. Luckily for Thompson, his teammates were able to close out the win and give them a nice little dose of momentum heading back to Oakland.

After the game, Drake was in the hallway near the Warriors locker room and injured star Kevin Durant went out to do a little bit of trash talk. Thompson quickly joined him and some harsh words for the Raptors superfan.

"See you in the bay, Aubrey. Bum A**," Thompson said with a conviction in his voice that one would expect from a man icing his injured hamstring. Thompson said it would have been even worse had he stayed healthy and that overall, the game was "light work" for the Warriors.

The Raptors were able to hang around for most of the game but the Warriors run in the third quarter was just too much to handle for the Raptors. 

Game three goes down on Wednesday in Oakland.