The Based God's Curse has been haunting Kevin Durant all year, and now it appears he's finally attempting to break the spell. If you haven't been following, the NBA star has been beefing with Lil B on and off since 2011, when he dissed the rapping skills of the self-deifying emcee. Since then, there's been sporadic back and forth between the two, with talk of a one on one game taking place at one point or another.

On top of the straight forward diss track, "Fuck KD", Lil B cast what he called "The Based God's Curse" on Durant, which may or may not have cost him a championship ring last season.

In a new interview with Revolt, Durant finally addressed the alleged curse, and his longtime beef with the Based God, but to everyone's surprise, he said there were no hard feelings between the two.

"I keep hearing about [the curse]. Every time I sign into Twitter or Instagram there's this Lil B stuff coming up," said Durant, referring to the rapper's loyal social media following, before adding, "I don't have no problem with Lil B". 

However, his next statement made the attempted beef-squashing seem a tad insincere. "He's got so many fans, it's starting to get on my nerves. Just to get those people away from me, me and Lil B are cool".

Meanwhile, Lil B has announced that he will soon have news of whether or not the curse will be lifted.

Watch the interview below. Has Durant successfully broken the spell? or will the curse follow him to eternity?