Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko have been facing some heat for the birthday party they threw for their son Kenzo (named after the designer?). The party, held on thanksgiving, was themed in keeping with the holiday as a "cowboys and indians" party. There have been repeated calls over the years to recast the celebration of thanksgiving away from the pilgrims and their questionable history of religious conquest. There have also been calls to stop dressing up as "indians," because it turns a culture into a caricature. The photo of the birthday party, which was "nothing but amazing" was captured in a bunch of photos:

A user named illmaddocks commented a succinct summary of the critique on another photo: "it’s sad that you and your family found it appropriate to continue to make people think we are a costume. How does this help push the agenda of racial equity? We already only make up less than 2% of the U.S population and our voice couldn’t be more diminished... certainly doesn’t help. 👎🏾"

The Harts may be wishing that they'd stuck to the previous video game theme.