The industrious minds of hip-hop collective slash "boy-band" Brockhampton continue to impress in various ways. Having officially landed a Beats 1 radio show cryptically dubbed Things We Lost In The Fire, the group have set the stage for a tried and true pop culture takeover. Having promised new music all summer during the project's initial announcement, Kevin Abstract has come through to make good on said promise, as early as tonight. 

While new music is always welcome, the interesting point here is the "whole lotta." Clearly, that means songs are coming in bulk. But how many? If I were a betting man, I'd wager a guess at three. Plus, a few spins of latest single "1999 Wildfire." Clearly, the group has been loving the whole fire motif of late. Perhaps it's hinting toward the direction of their upcoming album.

Seeing as the show airs at 10pm EST, we can expect to hear the latest Brockhampton tunes during tonight's airing. One can only speculate as to what sonic direction the group might take, but it seems clear that they're ready to bounce back from their recent split with Ameer Vann. Those who count yourself loyal fans, be sure to mark your calendars.