Kevin Abstract is one of the only openly gay rappers in the music industry today but that's not the only way he's pushing boundaries and building bridges. He's also working hard to get closer to his fans in unconventional ways. Today, he decided to celebrate the release of his new album by taking a really long walk on the treadmill. That's all good and well but the way he's doing it is what makes this so special. Kevin placed a treadmill outside of his childhood house in Corpus Christi, which is on Brockhampton street, and he's walking for ten hours straight, inviting fans to come through and ask him questions.

So far, he's been walking for three hours and fans have rushed him to take photos, give him drinks, and play interviewer for a few minutes. Tuning into the live-stream, it's a little awkward to watch the sheer volume of people asking him to sign things. This stunt can be seen as a type of social experiment where the impact of celebrity is put under a microscope. Kevin is being treated somewhat like a zoo animal, which is a little distressing but he's taking everything smoothly, being polite with everybody and answering all the questions that are coming his way. 

Tune into the live stream below to watch Kevin Abstract walking in his hometown for ten hours. Let us know if you make it through the whole thing.