Could we be witnessing the end of Brockhampton as we know it? We wouldn't hold it against Kevin Abstract to troll everybody and joke about leaving the group but it seems as though he may be looking for an exit. The boy band may have experienced a #1 album earlier this year but among fans, Iridescence is not one of their better projects. The departure of Ameer Vann allowed for several other members to make standout appearances, like Joba and Merlyn, but Kevin Abstract may not be feeling the whole group thing anymore. 

In a since-deleted tweet, Abstract asked on social media if anybody was willing to replace him in the band. This should be taken with a grain of salt considering Kevin does like to fool around with his fans on a regular basis. However, the potential dissolution of a successful collective will always raise eyebrows, whether the members are joking or not. Fans responded to the tweet as if he were playing around, which is a promising sign, as some noted that Ameer would be quick to take him up on the offer.

Prior to establishing himself as a leader within Brockhampton, Kevin released music as a solo act and the growth of his sound can be heard in a major way when cycling through the Saturation trilogy. Do you think there's reason for concern here?