Last week, Keri Hilson announced her relaunch into music and shared that she has a new album on the way. The "Pretty Girl Rock" singer has been away from the scene for nearly seven years and in a recent chat, the 35-year-old explains why it all happened. 

"When 'Pretty Girl Rock' was at the top of the charts… I was bearing the weight of some personal and professional mistakes, and they just weighed so so so heavy on my spirit, and I was just not myself," she said during a mental health panel in Atlanta. "It all just kind of spiraled for me, and became something I had never been through, I had never recognized myself as a person who can’t pick themselves back up. I was literally onstage crying." 

She explained how she asked to take a year off music but her management disapproved. This led her to only do shows that meant something to her which resulted in overseas performances that were meant for survival. 

"Life wasn’t about music anymore, life wasn’t about the charts or watching them," she said. "Life wasn’t about releasing music, shooting videos, writing songs, being in the studio, life was just about survival for me..."

"Seven years of my life have been a battle with depression," she said. "And I can’t say that I’m all the way clear, but I’m in the clear."