Kenya Duke, who filed for divorce from comedian Gary Owen earlier this year, has gone on Instagram to let out her most recent frustrations concerning Owen; a month after paperwork surfaced detailing Duke’s spousal support demands.   

In her IG post, Kenya claims Owen hasn’t seen their children or paid a bill in months.  

Duke started the post by mentioning how she has allowed Owen to spread a false narrative to “family, friends, and fans” about “the relationship and our kids.” She explained that she doesn’t feel the need to defend herself, but ultimately, what really got to her were the "dumb passive-aggressive posts in these insensitive ass t-shirts." She was referring to the black t-shirt that Owen was wearing in his own recent IG post, one reading "bread winner," with a definition of the term underneath it (see below).

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Duke then went in on Owen, and laid it all on the table, for her followers to see (/read):

"You haven't supported us since April 1st. Nothing, nada, zero not electric, water, gas, not insurance (medical, dental, life, car, house, etc.), not groceries, not maintenance for the house, not the gas or maintenance of the cars, not the platinum card I got for us (because you wanted one) and you couldn't get one (on your own), not the cell phone you had for 23 years; instead, you just got another phone number and didn't pay the bill."

She then goes on to say that she doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment after always being there for him "100%." She continued,

"The new you is a Mofo. Do you even recognize right anymore? You’ve shown lack of care for me maintaining the financial stability and sole emotional support for our kids. I am the only person that has always protected you and you treat me like this, says more about your character than any of your antics. You are not a good guy, so cut it out and get a shirt that says DEADbEAT. I will let you get back to living your best life...lying, clout chasing, side chicks, and looking for a black celebrity friend group."

Finally, she ended the post with her preferred hashtag: "#DONTBELATEFORTHECOURTDATE."

Check out Kenya's Instagram post below.