It's looking like Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin, may have dropped the diss track of the summer this fourth of July. Bevin hit the studio this week in time for Independence day weekend, to record a track firing shots at one of his opponents, titled "Tim Kaine? Are You Serious?" The video stars with Bevin taking a shot at Attorney General Andy Beshear, his opponent in the upcoming gubernatorial election. He talks about some letters that former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine sent out in support of Beshear.

At around 18 seconds into the video, Bevin begins an unassisted, a capella flow, in which he calls out Beshear, Kaine and other notable Democrats. He ends his flow with "Tim Kaine, do I need to explain? Even further than I have with another refrain?/ Tim Kaine, the guy clearly hates Kentucky/ But little Andy thinks he's lucky, so he had him send this letter/ Must've thought that it was better than Hillary/ Or maybe Bernie/ Or maybe Nancy/ Or maybe AOC/ But hey it's plain to see, that this is not the cast of characters for you and me/ If he thinks these folks will get him over the hump/ Good for him, I'd rather work with Donald Trump," before signing off with "we're just getting started."

Now, if you'll remember, back in January Bevin took to Twitter to call Lil Wayne a "tired, has-been" after he appeared on stage with Imagine Dragons to perform a remix of their song "Believer," so it seems as though there's some sort of pattern here in which Bevin is trying to become a viral sensation. 

Shortly after, Kentucky State Rep. Charles Booker took to Twitter himself, to fire back at Bevin in his own rap, adorably assisted by his two daughters. "Kentucky, we got some real challenges/But instead of showing leadership/your governor is rapping/Now he wants to take your pensions/call our teachers thugs and not regret his mentions."