After his viral sensation "U Was At The Club (Bottoms Up)" hit the internet, The Boyboy West Coast was hit with a ton of uncertainty and skepticism as to how his career would turn out. The song is more of a meme than a bonafide hit and over the past few weeks, Boyboy has been called out for racism and also lying on Ramriddlz name. Now, it looks like the rapper is getting himself embroiled in a beef with one of the hottest producers out right now, Kenny Beats.

Kenny has co-signs from some of the biggest artists in the game and at this point, he can pick and choose who he works with. Recently, BoyBoy hit up Kenny with the intention of linking up for some beats and well let's just say Kenny left him on read. Instead of taking the L, Boyboy got in his feelings and hit the producer with some threatening texts.

"When I catch you in person ima bring up how you been ignoring my messages. so be on your toes Kenny," Boyboy writes. Of course, Kenny thought this was hilarious and took to Twitter to clown the rapper where everyone appeared to be on the producer's side. 

In his text back to Boyboy, the producer cited recent accusations of racism against the rapper as why he didn't want to work with him. While Boyboy denied those accusations, it's clear these two won't be working together any time soon.