While the internet can open the door to no shortage of problems, it can also bring people together in unexpected fashions. For 11-year-old aspiring rapper Ray3 (formerly known as "HotBoyFire"), who won hearts by making an endearing and sincere declaration of his hip-hop dreams, his goal has come that much closer to reality after catching the attention of Kenny Beats. And let it be known -- though he may appear mild-mannered when the beat comes on he makes the quick transition into savage mode. 

It started after Kenny caught a meme of Ray in action, setting up a suspended iPhone microphone on his bunkbed. "We gotta find him and get him some equipment !!!" declared Kenny, sparking a search party to form. Before long, Guapdad 4000 and Rob $tone had expressed interest in pitching in, as did Elite, Anthony Fantano, Oshi, and many more. After Kenny managed to secure Ray's YouTube page, he made the connection and ensured those following the storyline that the equipment was indeed being sent.

Kenny even hopped on Ray's IG Live to meet the kid face-to-face, and after a wholesome exchange the producer requested that his mother get in touch to finalize the shipping details. All things considered, it's nice to have a feel-good story to dive into, especially one that may very well up usher a young creative into a position to thrive. Much respect to Kenny Beats and all of those who helped come together for the youngster -- perhaps there's hope for us yet.