Sports references in rap have helped bring both worlds together but perhaps, it's also caused a rift between athletes and rappers. It's rap, at the end of the day, and wordplay is at the center of the craft. Unfortunately, not every athlete gets mentioned in the best light. Case in point, Kendrick Perkins. Apparently, Quavo made mention of Perkins in a negative light on his debut album Quavo Hunchoand the NBA vet is still feeling a way about it. 

 Erik Voake/Getty Images

Earlier today, Kendrick Perkins shared criticism towards Quavo's bars following the Migos performance at the Mayweather-Paul fight. Perkins called out Quavo's bars, specifically, tweeting, "I see @QuavoStuntin still dropping them trash a$$ bars!!! Carry on," he wrote before a user brought up "FUCK 12" off of Quavo's debut solo album. "

"U still mad cause he dissed u on his solo album 2 years ago," the Twitter user wrote along with the bar in question. "Get no play, Kendrick Perkins."

"Yeah and it was straight garbage," Perkins replied.

While no word from Quavo yet, it was Jose Guapo that leaped to his defense with a sense of diplomacy. "hey we respect you for who you are as a man Mr. @KendrickPerkins but stop speakin on my brother @QuavoStuntin whether he like it or not I DON’T so out of respect don’t tweet nothin wit his Twitter name in it," Guapo wrote before Perkins reminded him that it was Quavo who mentioned him first.

"as a man you do that’s why I told you it’s respect first but he ain’t mentioned you we respect what you doing for the culture we can get more money together than against each other but ion like ya outfit in your profile big perkins," he added. 

Perkins seemingly looked past the backhanded compliment about his outfit to clarify that he has no problems with Jose Guapo or Quavo, as long as they don't mention him. "I’m with you bro but tell him to keep my name out his mouth and we all good bro," he wrote.

Guapo has since offered to set up an Instagram Live interview with Quavo and Kendrick Perkins to publicly squash the beef "FOR THE CULTURE."