Former NBA player Royce White got Patrick Beverley's stamp of approval for the comments he made about LeBron James recently, but Kendrick Perkins thinks he's way out of line. In fact, Perk says White needs to be drug tested - which sparked an entirely different debate about mental illness.

It all started when White criticized the Lakers decision for signing Jared Dudley over Carmelo Anthony.

"LeBron is walking around like he's the face & voice of the players. How is he letting his banana boat brother hang out there in the wings & they go sign Jared Dudley? If anybody thinks Dudley can hold Carmelo's jockstrap, I'll slap them."

The video made the rounds on social media, prompting the following response from Perk:

"I had to watch this video a few times before I decided to give my input on this and all I have to say is somebody needs to drug test this dude because he’s too aggressive and Do y’all see his veins in his neck?! I’m not rolling with this at all!"

White exchanged pleasantries with Perkins over the last day or so, but specifically replied to Perk's "drug test" remark on Thursday, threatening to slap the former NBA enforcer the next time they're in the same place.

"I need to be DRUG TESTED now? You’re pushing a drug abuse narrative on another black athlete. One that has always been staunchly anti-drug in the Mental Health crusade? Yea... when I catch up with you I’m slapping you. You’re a GOOFBALL. Shoot the fair one."

Ryan Hollins tried to step in and mediate, but White wasn't having it.

"Nah bro. He’s pushing DRUGS on somebody that has NEVER touched them because of my opinion? I’ve NEVER been off my square. That’s what SAS was talking about. How they use rumors that get started in these front offices. Sometimes it starts with these ASS-KISSING players. NOT GOING."

Check out the back-and-forth in the tweets embedded below.