Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant used to be teammates but their brotherhood doesn't seem to have lasted. In recent months, Perkins has been very critical of Durant and has even lashed out at the likes of Kyrie Irving for his recent stance on why the NBA season shouldn't continue. As a result of Perkins' latest hot takes, KD has called the former Thunder player a "sell out."

This angered Perkins and today on First Take, he replied to KD, noting that he is fighting the same racial fight as many of the players and that he shouldn't be using words like "sell out."

"KD, my brother. Just because I don't agree with what Kyrie got going on don't mean I'm not fighting the same fight that you all are fighting," Perkins said.. "I am fighting for African Americans, I been have. And that don't make you a sellout, that don't make me a sellout because I have a different opinion or disagree with someone else that's going about it another way. I actually applaud anybody that's fighting the fight right now in America. [...] "KD, for you to call your brother a sellout, man, ay, come on, dog. You know my love is for you, you know what my love is and my heart is for you. ... By the way, this same sellout, this brother that's sitting right here on this ESPN platform talking to you today, I still love you to this day, my brother."

It's clear that there is still some tension between these two although Perkins still wants to remain friends. At this point, it truly remains to be seen whether or not they can get on the same page.