Ever since LeBron James started winning championships, people have tried to compare his career to that of Michael Jordan's. After all, Jordan was the most dominant player of his time, and LeBron was the same in his own generation. However, Jordan has six championships and LeBron only has three. Their NBA Finals records are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum and these days, it has become very hard for pundits to give LeBron the edge over MJ.

Today, LeBron's former teammate and NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins weighed in on the debate saying it is much closer than people think. As he pointed out in the infographic below, James had better stats during his last three finals losses than Jordan had in his last three finals wins.


What Perkins is essentially pointing out here, is the fact that Jordan had way better teammates than LeBron had in Cleveland. This is certainly true as Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving could never really compare to the likes of Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

Regardless of how you may feel about these players, the debate is never going to end. It's something we will deal with until the end of time and if another generational player comes along, we can only imagine what kind of depth they will be adding to this discourse.

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