Steve Kerr made some interesting comments about Anthony Davis and his trade request out of New Orleans. AD eventually ended up on the Los Angeles Lakers and according to the Golden State Warriors head coach, this could have a negative effect on the league going forward.

"I'm talking more about the Anthony Davis situation. Where a guy is perfectly healthy and has a couple years left on his deal and says, 'I want to leave.' That's a real problem that the league has to address and that the players have to be careful with," Kerr told the Warriors Insider Podcast. "When you sign on that dotted line, you owe your effort and your play to that team, to that city, to the fans. And then (once the contract runs out) it's completely your right to leave as a free agent. But if you sign the contract, then you should be bound to that contract."

Former NBA player and current basketball analyst Kendrick Perkins saw these remarks and took to Twitter with some pretty scathing criticisms of Perkins. Perkins called Kerr out for being a bit of a hypocrite and that he essentially cheated his way to two NBA championships by acquiring Kevin Durant when the team had just gone 73-9.

The inclusion of Mark Jackson in his rant was pretty interesting although based on the comments, the general public doesn't agree. At the end of the day, Kerr did bring that team to five straight finals which needs to be applauded, regardless of whether or not you agree with what he said about AD.

Either way, once again, Perkins proves why he's found himself a nice lane on TV.