These days, high profile artists take one of two approaches to their albums-- either drop it out of the blue, or give us two to three weeks notice. Kendrick Lamar fell somewhere between the two, announcing his new album yesterday, but giving very few details about it; at least that was one way of perceiving it.

The LP was shared as an iTunes link, featuring an all black cover and listed simply as [Untitled]. It seemed as though this could very well be the final presentation of the album, but we knew there could definitely be another title on its way.

It seems that an official title and artwork will in fact be revealed later on (or perhaps upon release), as Elliott Wilson-- who tends to get the inside scoop on these kind of things --tweeted "There's an album title. There's an album cover," clearing up the obvious confusion from fans.

So look out for more info on the LP to drop soon. We'll keep you updated.