You never know what kind of coincidences life is going throw your way. Some are odd, other are downright startling; however, one in particular marked Kendrick Lamar's life in a very unique. All told, if a certain man didn't try to rob the restaurant his father was working at back in the day, there's a chance the rapper might not be the individual he is today.

In a recent sit-down interview with legendary broadcaster Howard Stern, Kendrick detailed a story that is almost too ludicrous to believe. According to him, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffit, prior to starting TDE, went into the KFC that Lamar's dad was working in at the time, with the intention to rob the joint. Thinking on his feet, K. Dot's father attempted to charm his assailant, even offer him some free chicken, with the hopes that Top Dawg wouldn't get violent. Despite being armed and allegedly intent on making off with the establishment's cash, no robbery ended up taking place because the TDE founder liked Lamar's dad so much

Cut to several years later and Kendrick acknowledges that, without that bewildering fast food sequence of events, he might not be in the rap game at all. He said that he would be "messed up," citing the struggle of having to grow up without a father potentially being too much of a burden on a younger him to full embrace his creative side. He added that Top Dawg and his father have been in the same room since and the story always makes for an interesting conversation starter.

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