The internet attempted to cancel J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar overnight, unsuccessfully doing so. People were seemingly upset at what they had contributed to the protests but nobody realized that both figures had been on the front lines... Now, the President of Top Dawg Entertainment, Kendrick's label, realizes that the rapper isn't truly as appreciated as he should be.

When somebody asked him to deliver a message to Kendrick on his birthday to bring back "the real," Punch responded that an imminent return is no longer in the cards.

"Nah. N***as don’t appreciate it," he wrote as a response.

It's unclear how long the hiatus will continue but it's worth mentioning that Kendrick is rumored to be working on an album right now. Originally, it was scheduled to drop in 2020 but, with Punch's tweet, that much is now up in the air.

This follows the criticism that J. Cole faced following the release of his new single "Snow On Tha Bluff." In the track, he addresses Noname's recent social activity, disagreeing with her "queen-like" tone and being accused of misogyny for doing so.

Kendrick Lamar Punch
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Perhaps, this has been a wake-up call for Kendrick and his team that, whatever he decides to release, people will still find something wrong.