Last year, Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka started a new thing called "Genius Talks," where he invited some of the most successful people in different industries to talk to the team throughout the season. In fact, Kendrick Lamar was scheduled to talk to the team last year, but a scheduling conflict delayed it until today, where Lamar stopped by the Lakers’ facility.

K. Dot, who's the first rapper ever to win the Pulitzer for music, reportedly spoke to the team about sacrifice, preparation and releasing negativity on Friday. Lamar's talk with the Lakers came less than 24 hours after the team loss their season opener to the Portland Trailblazers 119-128, but before they make their home opener Saturday night against the Houston Rockets.

"It's funny 'cause sometimes you don't talk to other people that are at the top of their craft and when you talk to them you see the parallels," Lakers guard Josh Hart said. "When he gets ready for a show, he lets all the negativity out. He doesn't party. He doesn't do certain things before shows because he wants to be dialed [in], he wants to be focused for him to get his message across in that show and people who pay money to see him.”

While there’s no footage from Lamar’s visit, the Lakers twitter account did share a couple pics from his time with the team Friday, which you can see (below).