J. Cole's renewed hunger may very well have caused Kendrick Lamar to feel a dose of renewed competitive spirit. After all, Kendrick has long been heralded as the greatest rapper alive, a fact contested on Cole's recent "Middle Child," in which he dubs himself "the greatest right now." Of course, Kendrick is the same man who once released "Control," so don't lay anything off the table; it won't take much for him to cause a mild rupture in the game, should he make even the slightest of moves. 

Perhaps said move has transpired. Earlier today, Kendrick came through with his first tweet in a minute, before swiftly deleting it. "Protecting my heart like never before," he wrote, calling back to one of Future's bars from Beast Mode 2's "Some More." Many were quick to point out the similarities between the lyric and Kendrick's own "Heart" series; recall that "The Heart Pt. 4" served as an apertif for DAMN. 

Of course, it's entirely possible that K Dot was simply enjoying Future's music, and signaled out a lyric that spoke to him. Given his general awareness, perhaps he realized the whirlwind of speculation his Twitter presence might raise, given its infrequency. Thus, the deletion. Yet that in itself raises even more questions. What is Kendrick Lamar up to? And more importantly, haters take heed - even your favorite rapper listens to Future.