Kendrick Lamar has built quite a reputation for himself thus far, and linking up with Dr. Dre only heightened the buzz surrounding him.

He sat down to talk to HypeTrak on a number of topics, including his debut album, performing at Coachella with Dr. Dre & the Tupac hologram, the similarities he sees between Tupac and DMX, how the "The Recipe" came about, the status of his mixtape with J. Cole (he says it's still in the works) and more.

On the status of his debut album Kendrick says, "I'm still workin', you know, it's almost there. It's really about just having it to my expectations, you know, not anybody else's, that's what I'm focusing on. We workin'."

On the producers featured on the album, K. Dot shared, "The producers really in-house, Soundwave, Tae Beats, Willie B, Dave Free, Digi+Phonics really. You know, I really just kept it with people I came in with, because they know my sound, I know their sound."

On how "The Recipe" came together Kendrick says, "I feel good about this record. You know, the people stampin' it as the new anthem for the West Coast, so be it. We was just in the studio havin' fun and that's how the best records come about. We weren't going for no particular type of record or feel, we just wanted to have fun. It felt like me, it felt like some new energy, Dre loved it and we started rollin' with it. It's definitely a good representation of where we from for sure."

Watch the full interview below.