In an interview with GowhereHipHop, Kendrick Lamar talks about his much anticipated album good kid m.A.A.d city which he says will have a different sound and feel than his previous efforts. 

When asked about the “message” of the upcoming album, Lamar said, “I love the element of surprise.  I didn’t wanna do nothing the same as Section.80”. 

Much has been made about the Compton rapper performing over the weekend at the Pitchfork Music Festival, and how Lady Gaga has been contacting him on twitter, and even made an appearance at his performance. 

When asked how it made him feel to have some of the biggest names in music openly supporting him, K. Dot said, "I love it just off the fact that they're genuine fans of the music.  Everything came organic. People would probably pay millions of dollars to get these people to back them but they just love my music.”

Lamar was asked if there are any specific tracks he’s excited about for their release, and he responded, “got a record on there titled ‘Dying of Thirst’ that’s pretty crazy.”

Even with all the hype, the Compton emcee is still considered as an unknown by man, but Lamar seemed fine with that at this point in his career saying, “it comes with the territory”.  Looking poised to blow up, people will not be considering Kendrick an underdog much longer.