Melomaniacs of various genres have been hit with an unexpected conundrum. A Soundcloud user has shared one of his sonic creations, which made a lasting impression of most listeners. Noah Charlick, who goes by N0̷4H on the streaming platform, is unsure of whether his latest mashup is a musical blessing.

He shared "Take on Backseat Mashup," a combination of Kendrick Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle" vocals and the "Take On Me" instrumental from 80s sensation AHA. He expressed his trepidation concerning the brilliance of the remix on Twitter.

"i’ve either made a great discovery or a terrible mistake"

The track has garnered comments that mostly tip towards the positive. Some called it "genius" while others were simply amused.

If anything, the harmonious melding of both tracks might simply point to the quintessential formulas used in the process of songwriting. The way in which Kendrick's vocals seem to land in the track's sweet spots, transitional elements included, is evidence of the science professionals wield to make a banger. Human brains are also known to create connections regardless of the paired stimuli's coherence it translates, so that may be a factor as well. 

The full mashup, along with N0̷4H's other creations, is available in higher quality on Charlick's Soundcloud. Sound off in the comments. Y'all digging this?