It's hard not to respect Kendrick Lamar, especially when he keeps exploring new artistic directions on every project. But even when he speaks, there's a certain endearing humbleness (no pun intended) to his character. It's evident once he starts telling Big Boy about his the benefits of his success, and showing once again that he puts family first. "Being able to support my family," says Kendrick. "Inspiring my little brothers and sisters, inspiring my cousins."

But don't worry. The success doesn't mean Kung-Fu Kenny is going soft. Far from it. "It also made me more hungry though," says Kendrick. "It's a need to never be content, or be comfortable. To always continue to grow, so whatever that challenge is, I'm always looking for it."

The conversation unfolds from there, turning to DAMN, his GOAT status, inspirations, and his sister's new Toyota. Check out the rare interview from Kung Fu Kenny below, courtesy of Big Boy, one of the most engaging interviewers in the business.