Kendrick Lamar made sure we started off our day on a positive note, with the release of his new single "i." We say positive note, because even though the song may not be what you were expecting, there's no denying that it contains an inspirational message.

The rapper spoke about the new single with Power 106's Big Boy Neighborhood following the premiere. "I think music is universal," Kendrick Lamar told Big Boy. "It's an expression. No matter how it comes across, as long as it always remains you, that's how they're gonna respect it and they're gonna have a connection with it."

The Compton rapper also spoke on how he received Ronald Isley's blessing to sample The Isley Brothers' "That Lady" on "i." "I got a chance to meet him and even got him on the ad libs for the record," he said. "You can hear him."

As HipHopDX reports, during the Power 106 conversation Kendrick revealed that his parents love the single, and that he's currently got seven records complete for the upcoming album. He says they need to be absolute 10s in order to make the sophomore album. "I record a bunch of ideas and I really just sit and live with them until I feel like they got a potential of being a 10," Kendrick said. "Those be the keepers."

It's unlikely we will ever get to hear the ones that didn't make the cut, as K. Dot says he plans to keep them in the vault forever, for his own personal enjoyment.

What are your thoughts on "i"? Let us know.

[Update: Full Interview With Power 106 Added]