Kendrick Lamar Speaks On "i" In Wake of Mike Brown & Eric Garner Situations

Kevin Goddard
December 12, 2014 00:40

Watch Kendrick Lamar speak on his new single "i".

Kendrick Lamar recently caught up with MTV News and talked about the importance of his new single “i”, especially in the wake of the Mike Brown and Eric Garner decisions.

With his new partner (Reebok) in the background, K. Dot tells Nadeska Alexis that he's definitely frustrated.

“I remember me coming up in the city of Compton and having these same type of ordeals, not as dramatic, but in the same situation. So when I make a record like “i”, this is not just about me. You know, its not about a single, this is not about how many songs can be sold on a media base. It’s about whats going on in real life, actual factual.”

Later, he talks about the reason for the single and how it even helps him every morning. He states,

“This is a song that I have to use as a psyche everyday which is another reason why I made it. Sometime I wake up and I feel like myself worth is at a low, just like the person thats listening to it. Its bigger than just a good tune, it’s really a psychological catch phrase that has to be reminded everyday when we wake up.”

Watch K. Dot talk more about his new single and the indictments above.

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Kendrick Lamar Speaks On "i" In Wake of Mike Brown & Eric Garner Situations