Kendrick Lamar took a few minutes to chat with Karen Civil for Civilized Talk, and she asked him his thoughts of being left off MTV's Hottest MCs List. Here's what he had to say:

“I just look at it as an opinion factor,” he said. “It’s all about what the people want at the end of the day, so people know what it is. It’s not really a big thing for me I know it’s more exposure but the people know what it is. All it’s going to do is bring more controversy to the game. I think it’s dope, though.”

He also spoke on if there is competition between him and fellow TDE-representer, SchoolBoy Q:

"It's a competition-thing when you in house.That's how we continue to better ourselves, you know, but, overall, when they say that's better or this better or Ab is better, shit we still moving as unit, at the end of the day it's TDE. So we'll make our little inside jokes at the studio because we homies we can do that. But, overall, when the public look at it and see that we all moving, then that's better..."