Kanye West took the world by storm this weekend when debuting his lead single off Yeezus, "New Slaves." The innovative rapper decided to premiere it by playing it on 66 different buildings worldwide. Thus, it was hard for 'Ye to go unnoticed. Kendrick Lamar definitely took notice of 'Ye's guerilla marketing style, he reveals in a new interview with MTV News, and the Compton native also speaks on how he feels inspired by Mr. West.

While at the Hangout Festival in Compton, California, Kendrick Lamar spoke on "New Slaves," which, like most of us, he "couldn't quite get the quality right." Nonetheless, K. Dot applauded Kanye.

Kendrick said of song, "It sounded crazy." He continued to praise 'Ye's creativity in his marketing. "That whole marketing scheme is crazy. It's very inspiring. After a while you get to a point in hip-hop where certain tactics get watered down. How much music can you release on the Internet to get it hot? How many singles can you put out? How many videos can you possibly do?"

When speaking on 'Ye's new album being called Yeezus, Kendrick said,  "That's crazy, I want to hear that. That's that creative Kanye genius stuff out the box ... whatever way is his way of being creative and getting his message across through that album, that's the culture. I can't wait to hear it."