We've already heard two songs set to appear on Kendrick Lamar's debut album, those being "The Recipe" and "Cartoon & Cereal." 

Now in an interview with The Boombox, the West Coast rapper reveals some details on another record that will appear on his LP. 

"I've got a song called 'Dying of Thirst,'" K.Dot revealed. "I want you to listen to it and then you'll understand what I'm talking about. Just life, in general, is the meaning behind it. It's a certain situation that I had to go through; I had to bump my head a few times to know what I had to do to get back right."

"It's probably one of the deepest songs on [the album] that I've written," he admits. "It's real short though, probably only a minute or two. When people listen to the album a few more times, and go back and forth, they really understand the setting and the actual position that it has in the album and why it's in that tracklisting."

On his album, he says, "That's my whole thing -- I like doing whole bodies of work. I don't want people to listen one time and then pop in the next dude. I want them to actually live with [my album] for years and be able to understand it and digest it."