One of the reasons good kid, m.A.A.d city is such a compelling album for listeners is the narrative told through the skits, which tie in with the tracks.  One of the more notable characters mentioned in both skits and songs is a female named “Sherane”.  While she is based on someone from Kendrick Lamar's past, he did change her name, but the Compton emcee says the woman Sherane is based on loves the attention.  He also further talks about plans to turn the skits and characters on GKMC into a film.

Even though the character of Sherane is not painted in the most positive light throughout the album, Kendrick says everyone back home knows who she is based on, and her, and other people featured, emrace the album.   "It's funny because it's a weird thing when I go back to the neighborhood and the homeys know who I'm talking about. It be a big joke, and I've been hearing things that she's more excited and surprised that I put her in the song more than anything," the Cali native adds, “It's all love though. I ain't got no ill will."

To kick off 2013, Kendrick dropped visuals for the track “Backseat Freestyle”, and staying true to the theme of tying in people from his neighborhood, Lamar included his dad in the video, “'Backseat Freestyle,' was really just its own entity. It was just me having fun, putting those skits in there, puttin' my pops in there.” The video acts a precursor to the short film he is working on as a supplement to the album. 

While he did use his dad in the video, the woman depicted is not the real-life Sherane, although K.Dot jokes, “"Nah, that wasn't the real Sherane...But it was a great, great imaginary clone of Sherane for sure."

[Via MTV]