West Coast hip hop is being revolutionized and Kendrick Lamar is at the forefront.  With his first major studio album dropping next week, K.Dot has been making the media rounds to promote good kid, m.A.A.d city and finally comes clean as to the meaning behind the decoded title.  He also discusses collaborating with T.I. and his project with J. Cole, and recording with producer Scoop DeVille.

The title of his album is an obvious ode to the city he’s from, Compton, but Kendrick had not actually divulged he meaning of “good kid, m.A.A.d ity”, but now says it is double meaning, “Two meanings, the first one is...My Angry Adolescence  Divided,” and adds the second meaning is, “My Angel’s on Angel Dust.” Apparently the Cali rapper smoked a bad batch of weed once that was laced with angel dust, “that’s the reason I don’t smoke...that was me, that the guy laced...It was just me getting my hands on the wrong thing at the wrong time.”  As for the capitalized “As” he says it is just a style choice, “I just wanted that to stand out – on the capitalized As.”

Recently he called T.I. onto stage during a performance, and Lamar admits that the two had recorded something together, “We got something, on his album – with Tip...It’s a crazy joint.” As far as the anticipated collabo project with J. Cole, Kendrick remained tight lipped, “Ya, we gonna drop that out the sky, I ain’t givin no dates, no nuthin.”

His single “Poetic Justice” which is a smooth track featuring Drake and production by Scoop DeVille.  K.Dot talks about working with the producer, “me and scoop go back, all the way back to like ’08.  He always just had crazy beats...I finally got a chance this time around to just lock in with him...he’s thinking out the box, man.”

Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city drops October 22nd.