While on his Music Matters tour, Kendrick Lamar stopped in Toronto and hit up Much Music for an interview.

During his discussion he talks about the much-rumored Lady Gaga collabo, and how the two artists first linked up. "She reached out man, just being a fan of hip-hop, being a fan of music and it was unbelievable at first," Kendrick explained. "Until she called me on that line and rapped my lyrics, and I was like 'okay, this is true.' She's incredible. I love her originality, and that's what I think music is built on. It's supposed to move people, and move people to be their own individual."

Kendrick also revealed he actually has a few in the bag with her, including the already revealed "Party Naseuous" collabo which Gaga had revealed. "We did a few," Kendrick said.

"We was in the studio two days ago, when I was in New York, just vibin' out," Kendrick updated fans. "So we're constantly making music but it's just the fact that, he's aware that my album is comin' out, he's aware that I'm focused on that, that's the energy I'm exerting right now, my debut." Kendrick says, promising once his debut LP drops, his focus will return to the joint project with J. Cole.