If a discourse on hip-hop's best lyricist ever pops off, there are two names that will inevitably be brought into the mix - Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne. Evidently, the two rappers have a clear respect for one another; Kendrick has previously called Lil Wayne "the greatest," which prompted Lil Wayne to reply with "Kendrick Lamar a real one." A little later, an inebriated Kenny implored Wayne not to retire, rapping along to some of Weezy's Cash Money classics. And while the pair haven't collaborated since Kendrick's C4 mixtape (although Martin Shekreli did preview a lost Carter 5 collaboration between the two), Lil Wayne recently dropped a remix of Kendrick's "DNA" on his Dedication 6 album.

Now, with Lil Wayne's D6: Reloaded dropping in mere hours, the legendary emcee is still enjoying the acclaim of singles "Big Bad Wolf" and "Bloody Mary." And while both tracks are excellent, the former is particularly insane, with Weezy absolutely spazzing for nearly four uninterrupted minutes over Blac Youngsta and Lil Yachty's "Hip Hopper." If you've heard the track, you already know what Wayne did to the beat; it seems as if he's back with a vengeance, having adapted to the current cultural climate with his own brilliant blend of clever lyrics and unparalleled flow. In other words, "Big Bad Wolf" made a hell of a statement. 

It seems as if the D6 teaser made an impression on Kendrick Lamar, who recently tweeted out some simple, yet effective praise to Lil Weezy. While retweeting a link to "Big Bad Wolf," Kendrick captioned it with "Snapped." Perhaps truer words have never been spoken.