Last week, after his riveting Grammys performance and before his new surprise album, untitled unmastered., Kendrick Lamar took a few well-deserved vacation days in Jamaica. He visited the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston and posed in front of an iconic statue of the reggae great. Also during his stay, he met up with two of the island's living superstars, the GOAT sprinter Usain Bolt as well as the dancehall artist known as Assassin, who laid the lights-out hook on "The Blacker the Berry." 

Apparently Kendrick got exclusive access to one of Bolt's training sessions. He put up a picture of him standing next to -- and dwarfing -- Kendrick outside of the track. "Big deal business when the @thegrammys star link u at your training," Bolt wrote on Instagram. 

Despite their killer collaboration, Kendrick Lamar had never met Assassin face-to-face up until now. Assassin also logged onto Instagram to share the encounter with his fans. It's unclear where they met up, but we can only hope Kendrick got back into work mode for a few hours of studio time. Inspired by Marley and Bolt, you know K-Dot could make an incredible record on Jamaican soil.