Kendrick Lamar is featured in the new issue of Interview Magazine, where he has a photo spread and an interview, conducted by singer Erykah Badu. The personal interview touches on Kendrick's new-found stardom, his style of rap, his top ten favorite rappers, what is in his tour rider and more.

Peep an excerpt from K. Dot's convo with Ms. Badu below, or head here to read the full interview. See the photos from the Compton native's shoot with Interview above.

BADU: What's your favorite cereal?

LAMAR: Fruity Pebbles. When people ask for my rider, they think I'm crazy: Fruity Pebbles, baked chicken, bottle of Hennessy, and some Polo socks. 

BADU: For real? I need to ask for so much more! 

LAMAR: [laughs] As an artist, you can have some crazy stuff on there. But when I go backstage, I like to put some fresh socks on. My grandma always told me, "You ain't got to take a shower for four days, but put some fresh socks on and you'll feel better about yourself." 

BADU: I heard that you like to sleep on the couch. 

LAMAR: Yeah. People trip out because I still like to do that. I can sleep anywhere. I don't need a grand-type spot. Give me a little corner. People are always like, "Is he drunk?" "Nah, he's just sleeping." [laughs]

BADU: Okay, top five rappers of all time. Who are they? 

LAMAR: Oh, man.

BADU: I know, it's hard. I can never answer that question either. They don't have to be in order. 

LAMAR: Okay . . . Give me Jay-Z. 

BADU: Bam.

LAMAR: Give me Nas. 

BADU: I'll give you that. 

LAMAR: Give me Tupac. 

BADU: I might give you Pac. . . 

LAMAR: Please give me Pac. Also give me Snoop. 

BADU: Okay, that's four.

LAMAR: And give me B.I.G.

BADU: I'll give you B.I.G. 

LAMAR: But that leaves off Eminem and André . . . I'd probably formulate the perfect 10 if I really thought about it for a day.

BADU: You just named seven. You got three more? 

LAMAR: Rakim . . . [pauses] Kurupt. 

BADU: That's nine. 

LAMAR: Who would the last one be? Give me Method Man. 

BADU: I will give you Method Man all day. 

LAMAR: But it's a battle because if I say Method Man . . . Will you give me DMX? 

BADU: Okay. 

LAMAR: Yeah, give me X. That's my 10. 

BADU: And then Meth would be the alternate. I hope y'all get that into 'Interview' magazine. [Lamar laughs] So what kind of whip do you have right now? What kind of car you pushin'? 

LAMAR: A tour bus. [laughs] I'm humble. 

BADU: You don't have a house? 

LAMAR: Nah, I live on the tour bus.