Reddit is known to harbor some outrageous weirdos but this one takes the cake and eats it too. A user known as u/Cousin Tyrone bet that Kendrick Lamar would come through with a second album on Easter Sunday. He was so confident about the rumor being true that he said he would eat a vinyl record if he lost the bet.

When u/Cousin Tyrone realized he got about 1,200 karma points, that K. Dot spent Sunday at Coachella and that DAMN. was the only thing he put out, he knew he had no other choice but to come through with his own promise. XXL reports he put a broken record in a blender and painstakingly attempted to liquefy it with some water and ice cream.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Kendrick Lamar did not drop a second album tonight. Bottoms up," he said before ingesting the plasticky smoothie. Unsurprisingly, the mix was disgusting. Check out the video u/Cousin Tyrone posted on YouTube.