In an interview with Power 105's the Breakfast Club's Kendrick Lamar explains how he first connected with Dr. Dre.

He explains he was on the road when Dre first called his engineer looking for Kendrick, 

"Man, you know what, after years [of ] just putting in work, you know, I started doing shows, selling out show in L.A., came on this side selling out shows, it just finally caught the attention. I was with Top Dawg Entertainment, independent company for years. Just the grind, putting out tapes. He'd seen one of my YouTube videos "Ignorance Is Bliss." I was on the road with Tech N9ne at the time, with Jay Rock. [Dr. Dre] called the phone, called my engineer's phone and said he looking for us. We thought it was fake or what not. Finally got in touch with management the next week and I was locked in the studio with him for eight or nine days. We was just bangin' out records for Detox and he was like, "man, you got the potential to really, like, doing something." The whole thing was, he wanted to get me in the studio and really catch a vibe. 'Cause you know, you can see a lot of artists and they might not, you know, have the same type of feel that you see on T.V. and what not."

He also gives his take on the Nicki Minaj controversy at Hot 97's Summer Jam, saying he'd be just as heated if someone took shots at him like that.

Watch the full interview below.