Kendrick Lamar is definitely on his grind as we countdown the days until his debut album releases on October 22nd. He's been doing the rounds visiting different shows for interviews, and he hit the Breakfast Club on Power 105 this morning. 

While talking to the crew, he discusses his good kid, m.A.A.d city album, working with Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, and more.

He discussed his inspiration for the album, revealing that although he grew up mainly on West Coast artists, in his later years he returned to East Coast legends. "My influence was the West Coast for a long time," Kendrick said. "I had to double back as I got old enough to understand why Biggie is one of the greatest..So when I went in this album I just gathered that information from them forefathers and put it all in one boat.  And make sure I display versatility, flow, aggression, everything that I learned from them cats."

Of course, he got asked about Dr. Dre's infamous Detox album. "Me, personally, I think it's done, I think it been done just from the records I heard. But Dre, he wanna give it to you when the world feel like they rightfully deserves it." 

Angela Yee also asks Kendrick Lamar about whether or not he smashed Lady Gaga, and alleged rumors surrounding the two. He denied that, but did say, "We got some records." He continued to explain how they first linked up. "She hit my phone, and actually spit one of my most intricate lyrics, I knew that it was off the love of the music. 'Rigamortis,' she spent them lyrics."

Watch the full interview below. The album drops October 22nd, you can pre-order it here.