Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper are not only two of the most talented emcees of this current generation, but they're also two of the most politically outspoken, both with and without their lyrics. During a recent appearance on PBS' Open Mind, producer 9th Wonder, who has worked with K. Dot, Jay-Z and many others, was quick to dole out praise.

"It seems like every time we feel like we're oppressed, our music gets better," said 9th Wonder. "So the Kendrick Lamar album couldn't come out at a better time, the Chance the Rapper [album] couldn't come out at a better time." Born Patrick Douthit, Wonder added that "music has always been the voice of revolution," also counting Joey Bada$$ as a current artist with something to say. As faces of the reinvigorated "political rap," the culture could do a lot worse than Kendrick and Chance.

Check out a video clip from the PBS episode below.