You've undoubtedly heard about Blueface in the last few weeks. Many have checked out his music and been turned off because of the rapper's frustrating inability to stay on the beat. However, Blueface has previously admitted that his unique approach is actually intentional. While it may sound like he's just flat-out not musical at all, he's running with a narrative that he's just out here carving a new lane. People's confusion and curiosity continue to grow because it's actually working. The young up-and-comer has gotten noticed by Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and now Kendrick Lamar.

During a recent interview with Jeff Weiss of the Los Angeles Times, Kendrick confirmed that he wasn't currently working on a new album, despite spending lots of time in the studio. During his off time, he's made sure to check out a few of the rising talents from Los Angeles and in doing so, he took notice of Blueface. In a portion of his talk with Weiss that didn't make it to print, Kenny shouted out Blueface and a few other emerging artists. Weiss tweeted that he asked Lamar if he fucked with Blueface, to which he immediately ad-libbed "Blueface baby!" and said, "He's dope. He's got his own style and I can appreciate that." 

He spoke on the new rappers shining brightly in L.A., pointing out Savii 3rd among others. Kendrick told Weiss, "All these kids, their music feels like a lifestyle. It's not them putting on and that's something I can respect. And they all have their own voices."

While the Blueface love may be confusing to some, it's got to be something that we all start getting used to. We appear to be witnessing his rise to the top.