Diego, probably more recognizable as the artist formerly known as Lil Xan, is a young rapper who has been on the come-up for the better part of  a year now. Using viral hits on YouTube to rake in tens of millions of streams across all platforms, the California native has been thrust into the spotlight in a big way. Along the way, he's had some wise industry veterans take time out of their schedules to pass along some helpful tricks of the trade. One of the biggest names gracing that group is Kendrick Lamar.

During a new video interview with Montreality, the youngster recalled how K. Dot called him up over the phone and gifted him some pearls of wisdom that sound like they've already been immensely helpful. "Kendrick gave me the best advice on the f**king phone," Diego said. "[He] told me how to invest my money, what to do, how to act." With a hit album under his belt in 2017, Kendrick Lamar is certainly one of the emcees out there that you'd be wise to try and emulate in today's current musical climate. Check out the entire interview with Diego below.

The man formerly known as Lil Xan ended 2017 with a bang himself, dropping the new single "Wake Up." Trafficking in the dark banger territory that he's made a home in during his career, it's the kind of sound and vibe that will be familiar to Diego's fan base. You can check out the entire song here.

What kind of advice would you give to the young rapper at this point in his life? Let us know in the comments.