Our hope is officially restored after Punch, the President of Top Dawg Entertainment, back-pedaled and said there is still a possibility that the long-rumored Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole collaborative album will happen.

This week, the head of TDE said that the joint project would never happen, tearing down any hope of its existence. 

"That's not happening. 0 tracks. Not happening," wrote the executive on Twitter.


After seeing how things exploded on social media and in the news, Punch back-pedaled a touch and is now claiming that there is still a chance that it will arrive one day. However, we shouldn't get our hopes up.

"Nah I don’t know. It might still happen. I want it to happen," he tweeted last night. "Y’all really want that album still??? Like for real? I think it would great for hip hop. I did my part though. I spoke to both of them. Hit them n***as!"

So, there you go. It looks like there are no current plans for the collaborative album from Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole to ever see a release. However, if the fans push hard enough with Kendrick and Cole, maybe they'll finally cave and do it for the culture.


What do you think?