Hip hop was statistically proven this year to be the most consumed genre of music in the U.S. It's not that shocking considering the fact that hip hop has dominated and influenced pop culture in its entirety and it's almost impossible to turn on the radio without hip hop playing. Even the pop artists dabble in hip hop because it's the dominating genre right now. However, its influence doesn't stop there.

According to BabyCenter.com, the name "Chance" has hiked in popularity this year by 21 per cent. They say it's possibly due to his positive impact in improving public schools and fighting gun violence in Chicago. Meanwhile, "Kendrick" has also increased in popularity by 9 per cent, possibly due to his musical accolades and his positive impact in his hometown.

Along with Kendrick and Chance, they say Dr. Dre's contributions to arts and technology programs helped spike popularity in the name "Dre" by 40 percent. In addition to that, BabyCenter also claims Queen Latifah helped spike the name "Queen" with newborn baby girl's by 41 percent.  Jay-Z global impact also helped increase the popularity of the name Jay.

However, Jay's contributions to the spike in baby names don't end there. Since him and Bey named their daughter "Blue Ivy" in 2012, the rise in the color trend has been strong. They say the name "Blue" has rose in popularity in 14 percent for boys and 9 percent for girls. 

Overall, hip hop isn't just influencing the way music is in 2017 but also the future generations.