Kendall Jenner was enjoying a day out with her pup and her boyfriend Ben Simmons when things took an unexpected turn for the worse. According to TMZpolice were called to the Beverly Glen Deli in Los Angeles after it was reported that Jenner's dog bit a young girl. Cops were originally called because Jenner and Simmons left the scene when the girl's mother tried to confront them. The mother and her daughter were sitting outside enjoying their meal not far from Jenner and Simmons when the Doberman Pinscher allegedly bit the young girl. 

It appears that the entire situation spiraled out of control, as the little girl who was allegedly bitten suffered no injuries. The dog did not break skin, nor did it leave any scars. The child was given ice to help with the minor wound, and TMZ reports that Jenner and Simmons didn't leave the deli until they were sure no harm was caused. A source close to Jenner claims the pup didn't even bite the girl, and that it was just a situation where the pet and the kid got startled. I'm sure that the mother will attempt to sue, or find some way to receive money from Jenner, for the altercation.