Kendall Jenner will be able to sleep soundly now considering her alleged stalker was recently kicked out of the country. The news came from TMZ and detailed that John Ford, Kendall Jenner's 38-year-old Canadian stalker, was officially deported from the United States. The deportation occurred following a hearing in El Paso, Texas. Jenner's stalker had an expired visitor visa and was, therefore, staying in the country illegally. Following his arrest, a spokesperson from ICE shared that his arrest "very well have prevented a violent crime. Our special agents acted quickly on this tip to ensure that his obsessive behaviour didn't escalate to become a tragedy." The man has now been kicked out of the States and shipped back to Ontario. 

John Ford's scary obsession with Kendall Jenner entails a time when he scaled a mountainside to get into the model's home. The latter occurred right after Ford was given a restraining order which stated he was to stay at least 1,000 feet away from Kendall Jenner. Unfortunately, it did not stop him from sneaking through the back entrance to chill by the pool and hang out on her porch. The frightening experience came to a stop when the ICE arrested John Ford in New Mexico. When TMZ first reported on the story, Kendall Jenner clapped back and claimed the news outlet encouraged stalkers by somewhat disclosing the location of her property.